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Old Web Store

Mute Swan Pair (2015 hatch or older)


Enjoy breeding and raising your own swans. Swans are normally very good parents and will care for and defend their nest and family. Baby swans are usually quite sought after and easy to sell. 

Swans in this listing are 2015 hatch or older.

Mute swans may breed at 2 years of year, however some pairs may not breed until 3 or even 4 years of age. Birds in this pair may or may not have bred pervoiusly but wil be atleast 2 years old this coming spring.

These swans will be solid white and will not have any of the gray feathers that most of our 2016 hatch birds will have.

All of our swans come pinioned at no extra charge.

 Before purchasing swans please read over our airline shipping polcies @ http/ rgo-shipping

Shipping dates and flight info will be emailed within 48 hrs of purchase. Please note shipping dates for swans can be 1-3 weeks from purchase date.

All swans ship airline cargo thru united airlines. These birds will need to be picked up from your closest airport that united airlines pet safe program services. United airlines pet safe program services most major airports, and some of the smaller regional airports. If you would like to make sure they service your preferred airport please contact us @ [email protected] with this inquiry before completing your purchase. At this time our air cargo shipping is only done on the 2nd and the 4th Wednesday of the month. Most flights will be arriving at their final destination between 5pm-10pm

Please purchase this listing only if you are able to pick your birds up in accordance with information above.

More information on Mute Swan

The pair in this listing consist of a 2013 hatch male and a 2015 hatch female.

By putting your initials in the box you are confirming that you have read and understand the Airline cargo shipping page found at which contains our polices for shipping using airline cargo, our conditions for our live arrival guarantee along with other important information. The box must be initialed to complete order.

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