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Black Belly Tree Duck

The Black Belly Tree Duck or Red-Billed Tree Duck is found throughout central and south America. Migrating flocks may penetrate as far north as southern Texas.

Like most tree ducks blackbellies prefer a warm climate, however they can be kept in northern states as long as some protection is given from the winter cold.

In the aviary the Black Belly is one of the more common species tree kept today in the USA. They are typically easy to breed, males often will mate with more than one females and we have successfully breed this species in trios. Hens often produce second and even third clutches is eggs are removed before hatching.


Breeding season begins in the spring and can last into the fall in warmer climates.

Our Blackbellies usually prefer to nest in raised wood duck style boxes. Clutches consist of 8-14 eggs which are incubated for about 26 days. Often the males will help with incubating the nest. The ducklings of this species are very cute like most of the tree ducks and are easy to raise.

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