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Fulvous Tree Duck

The Fulvous Tree Duck is one of the most widely distributed ducks in the world, with populations inhabiting 4 different continents. They are also well represented in aviculture and are a common aviary bird.

Like most tree ducks these birds prefer to be kept in small groups. Fulvous are one of the most vocal tree ducks ,they often chatter while feeding and are very vocal within their group.

These birds are not particularly aggressive and are commonly kept in mixed collections.

Native to warmer climates Fulvous tree ducks will need some protection from winter weather in a northern climate. As with most tree ducks male and female look alike, and both keep the same color year around.

Breeding season is in summer and as with other tree ducks late nesting into the fall is not uncommon. Nest are usually laid on the ground in a nest box or under natural cover. Nest consist of 10-14 eggs incubation last for approximately 25 days. The ducklings have a distinct black and white marble pattern. They are not difficult to raise and have no special concerns.

Fulvous tree ducks have one color mutation the Silver Fulvous pictured to the right. Genetics for this mutation works the same as the silver color in wood ducks.

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