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Bahama Pintail

The North American Pintail is a common aviary bird. As with many waterfowl species the male is more boldly marked than the female, his colors are tastefullly muted shades of brown and gray, and black and white, to this add a slim elegance and one has a truely beautiful bird. The female in comparision is more drab and over all gray. In eclipse plumage the male closely resembles the female.

They can breed their first year however most of my birds do not breed until their second year. Breeding season begins in May in my region. Clutches consist of 6-10 oval cream colored eggs. They are incubated for about 24 days. The ducklings are easy to raise and are fully feathered in about 6 weeks.

There are several color mutations of the Bahama Pintail , these include the silver Bahama Pintail, blonde Bahama Pintail and the blue Bahama Pintail. To our knowledge only the silver variety is available in the US.

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