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Red Crested Pouchard

The Red-Crested Pochard is the largest member of the pochard group. This bird is native to Europe and southern Asia. The adult male is a distinctive bird he has a rusty-orange head and red bill. The female lacks such bold patterns and is grey-brown distinguished only by a dark brown cap and pale cream sides to the face.

These birds are common in captivity and are easy to house and raise. Red-creasted can sometimes be parasitic nesters, dumping their eggs in the nest of other ducks. Care should be taken that they do not disturb other ground nesting species in their enclosure.

They have also been know to hybridize with red heads and rosy-bills so these species should not be kept together.

Breeding season is in the spring, nest are made on the ground under natural cover or in a nesting box. Clutches consist of about 6-10 eggs and are incubated for about 28 days.

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