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Hottentot teal are the smallest member of the dabbling duck group with some weighing as little as 8 ounces. These small birds can easily escape through two inch wire or netting. They are not aggressive and can do well in a mixed collection as long as they are not bullied by larger birds. They are native to Africa and will need some protection from winter weather in northern climates. The sexes look similar with the main difference being the lack of spotting on the flanks of the males. In the picture above a female is on the right, male on the left.

Hottentot teal

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Hottentot Teal

Hottentot teal

Hottentot are first year fertile. Breeding season is mainly in Spring, however this species may nest at any time of year. Nest are built on the ground under some sort of natural cover or in a nesting box. Although not normally perchers, some of my hottentot like to nest in wood duck style boxes. Clutches consist of 5-7 eggs and are incubated for about 25 days. The ducklings are tiny, but grow quickly and are fledged in about 6 weeks. Ducklings of this species are easy to raise.

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