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California Valley Quail

This dessert quial has a large range that includes baja california , mexico, the western untied states and up into canda. The valley quails attractive plumage and pleasant calls make it a popular avairy bird.

In captivity the valley quial is one of the easier species to keep and breed. These birds can do well kept on the ground as long as dry ground is available to them. Flightly and nervous by nature, these birds would perfer a large enclosure, but many are kept and breed sucessfully in wire cages. We perfer to keep our quial in pairs however this species will do well in trios, or kept in large coveys if the space is available for them. Clutches consist of 10-14 eggs, they are incubated for about 22 days.

The chics of this specices easy to raise as they learn quickly to eat and drink. The males will begin to show black on thier faces at about 8 weeks of age.

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