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How to place an order

Birds can be purchased directly from our new online store you may choose to e-mail your order to us.

Our Price List & Availability Page is frequently updated, and will have posted the current availability and price of all the birds on our website.

If you wish to e-mail your order please send the following information to


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  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Shipping address (if applicable)

  • Species and number of pairs that you are interested

If you will need your birds shipped please read over our shipping policies before placing your order, these are be found on our "shipping info" page.

Please note inquiries pertaining to price, shipping info, or other general information will be treated as such, we will not place an order for you, unless you state you are placing an order in your e-mail

How your order is handled will depend on the time of year, and on the availability of the birds you have requested. If at any time of year the birds that you requested are unable you may choose to be placed on our waiting list.


At this time of year we are normally sold out of most of the previous years birds. However this is the best time to place orders for the coming springs hatch. During these months we will place your order on our waiting list for the species that you have requested. No deposits are taken at this time. Orders will be filled in the order that they are taken. Once we have determined if we have raised enough birds to fill our orders, we will contact you thru e-mail. This could be anytime between June-October.

If we do have any remaining birds for sale, they will be pick up only after April 1st (shipping resumes in October)


If your birds are available we will ask you to make arrangements to pick them up, or if shipping is required we will email you a paypal invoice for deposit to hold them until the weather is suitable for shipping, which normally is in October. Birds will be held for 24 hrs awaiting payment thru paypal. If you choose to mail payment we will hold birds for 5 days awaiting payment. Please notify us if you plan to mail your payment . Birds will not be held past the timelines listed above without deposit. Deposits are 25% the cost of the birds, and are non-refundable in the case that the buyer should back out of the sale. However, if there is a problem providing the birds on our end, deposits will be fully refunded. Your balance will be due before shipping, and we prefer that all orders be paid in full by September 1st.


If the birds you have requested are available we will email you a paypal invoice for the amount of the birds and shipping. Birds will be held for 24 hrs awaiting payment thru paypal. If you choose to mail payment we will hold birds for 5 days awaiting payment. Please notify us if you plan to mail your payment . Birds will not be held without payment past the timelines listed above. Your birds will most likely be shipped the first Monday after receiving payment. There will be a 25% cost of the birds cancellation fee should the buyer back out of the any part of their order. Please note orders for pinioned birds are non refundable.

For orders being picked up you would receive and invoice only for deposit (25% cost of the birds) the balance would be due at pickup. Cash only at pick ups please.

  Our new online store is the simplest and fastest way to purchase your birds. Shipping cost are added at checkout. Most pairs ship for $85 and $20 additional shipping for each additional pair thereafter. Swans geese and large breed ducks will have higher rates. Check out is thru paypal where 6 month interest free financing is available. Most orders will ship the following Monday. If you have questions about any of our birds you can always contact us at

Contact Information

The best way to contact us is thru e-mail. Our e-mail address is as follows:

At this time it is not possible to contact us by phone.

Before e-mailing with questions please take the time to read through our information pages. You may find many of the answers that you are looking for. We have spent a lot of time on these pages to make our web site as informative as possible. If you do not find the information you need please feel free to e-mail us. E-mails are answered promptly normally with 24 hrs.  

We accept paypal, and postal money orders only. We do not accept personal checks. Our address for mailing payments is as follows:

19 Mallard Lane

Lexington TN, 38351

For those who wish to use paypal please send payment to:

We can also send you a paypal invoice, which makes paying thru paypal very simple.

Note: Please include with any payments all of the following info:

Full name

Email address

Address that you would like your birds to be shipped

Phone # that your post office can reach you at when the birds arrive

Order / invoice # if applicable

Picking up Birds from our Farm

Most orders may be picked up at our farm. Pick ups are by appointment only. We are normally available for pick ups Monday thru Friday between 7-9pm. Other times may be available upon request.

Please remember to bring something to transport your birds in, small pet taxis work well. 

Please note we do not give tours of our farm. For the safety of our customers and our birds, visitors will not be allowed to enter any of our aviary's and all transactions will take place in an area that is away from our aviaries and other birds.

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