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Our Bantams

We keep a nice sized flock of both silkies and cochins. Most of or breeder birds were hatched from show quality eggs, or purchased from well know breeders. However at this time we do not show any of our batams. We instead use them as broodies for some of our more exotic birds.


The The feathers of this bantam are webless which gives the appearance of down or silkie hair, thus giving the bird it's name sake. Other characteristcs of this breed include, feathered feet, black pigmented skin, and tourquoise blue ear lobes.

It is hard to find a better broodie than a silkie hen. Silkies hatch the majority of our pheasants and quail, and also many of our smaller species of duck.

We keep and raise silkies in several different colors, these include white, black, blue, and splash.


Cochins also make excellent broodies. We use the giant varieties to set large eggs such as those of our peafowl, our smaller cochin bantams are used for pheasant and duck eggs. Pictured below are some of the colors varieties that we keep.

Columbain Cochins

Mille Fluer Cochins

 Gold Laced Cochins

Old English Bantams

Blue Old English Bantam pair

pricing and availabilty

We sell most of our bantams locally as chics or young adults (see home page under events). Adult pairs are occasionally available. Prices start at $2.00 each for day old chics prices increase with age. Prices may also be based on quality. 

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