Bahama Pintail

The Bahama Pintail is another commonly represented and much loved aviary bird. These birds are hardy, easily bred and generally have no vices, they get along well with other birds, making them suitable for mixed collections. The male and female are similarly marked with the female being slightly duller in color and having a lighter colored bill. The drake exhibits no eclipse plumage and is attractive year round. Being a sub tropical bird, The  Bahama Pintail prefers warmer climates, but can adjust to cooler ones as long as some shelter is provide from winter temperatures.   

They can breed their first year however most of my birds do not breed until their second year. Breeding season begins in May in my region. Clutches consist of 6-10 oval cream colored eggs. They are incubated for about 24 days. The ducklings are easy to raise and are fully feathered in about 6 weeks.

There are several color mutations of the Bahama Pintail , these include the silver Bahama Pintail, blonde Bahama Pintail and the blue Bahama Pintail. To our knowledge only the silver variety is available in the US.

When available you can find Bahama Pintails for sale in our web-store.


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