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Mallard Lane Farms


Old Web Store

Old Web Store

We now offer and small but expanding selection of large breed domestic ducks.

Unless otherwise specified in the listing all of our ducks for sale here are mature adults that have reached breeding age.

These ducks are great for open water, their large size makes them less vulnerable to predators than many of our smaller birds. They are also more calm natured than our ornamental fowl and once settled into their new homes these domestic ducks can become quite tame and make for good pets. These guys are a favorite among young children and are great for anyone that is a beginner in ducks.

Before buying ducklings from a hatchery consider that they will still require time, money and effort ,before they are suitable to be put onto your water. Our birds can be put onto your pond or lake strait out of the shipping box.  And in no time you can enjoy watching your ducks nest and raise ducklings of their own.


 While some of birds mat be very nice we do not show any of our birds and do not advertise them as "show quality" Most birds offered for sale here are what we would call "breeder" to "pet" quality.



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