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Mallard Lane Farms


Old Web Store

Old Web Store

 The male wood duck is one of the most beautifully decorated birds in north America.  Wood ducks are hardy and easy to keep and  they are probably the most commonly kept wild duck in the united sates today. They are often one of the first species that beginners acquire. And most collections have at least 1 pair of these stunning birds. Wood ducks come in several different color mutations. Although the  mutations are not as brightly colored as the normal male, all of the color mutations have their own unique charm.


When you buy birds from Mallard Lane Farms you will get more than just great birds.

•You will get our over 10 years of experience in raising selling and shipping wild waterfowl.

•We are knowledgeable breeders of every bird we sell and all birds come with email support for any questions or concerns you may have about your new birds for the entire lifetime of those birds.

•All birds we ship come with our "live arrival guarantee" (see details on our shipping info page) which is one of the best shipping guarantees in the business.

•All birds ship directly from our farm , we do not use other farms to drop ship orders for us. Buying direct from the breeder saves you $$.

•All birds come with basic care instructions.

•We sincerely appreciate all of our customers, our farm depends on you and could not exist without you.


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