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 Taxidermy work by Sam Cahoy @ Wild Things Taxidermy

Our Policies

WE DO NOT SELL LIVE BIRDS TO THE TAXIDERMY MARKET With that being said we do keep and sell any unfortunate casualties that we have. We also sometimes sell feathers, blown eggs and other related items.

Birds listed for sale on this page died of natural causes, and are in good shape. Any obvious flaws, such as birds being pinioned or wing clipped will be listed in their descriptions. If you have additional specific questions pertaining to these birds please do inquire before purchasing the birds. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please e-mail us at mallardlanefarms@gmail.com if you have any additional questions.

We often can provide replacement feathers for any birds that are pinioned or wing clipped, or need feathers for any other reason.

Although some of the specimens listed here are very nice, we do not market any of them as "competition quality" . This is because we do not have any extensive knowledge of the art of taxidermy as it is related to our ducks; and therefore may be unsure as to what qualifies as a "competition quality" bird.

We commonly list birds for sale on taxidermy.net, our user name for that site is jlord. Please note birds are not sold thru PM's on this site, if you would like to purchase birds please email us directly at mallardlanefarms@gmail.com

All birds for sale on this page are being sold frozen whole, no skinning available.

All birds are farm raised and come with all necessary paperwork.

Prices listed do not include shipping charges.

Shipping will be thru USPS and we strongly recommend using express mail, however we will ship priority mail at buyers risk.

Express mail for 1 bird $35 add $10 for each additional bird, prices will vary some depending on the exact weight of the birds and distance they are being shipped.
Priority mail prices are about 1/2 the price of express mail

All birds will be mailed in Styrofoam coolers and most will additionally be wrapped in insulation. We often have customers tell us their birds arrive still frozen or partially frozen.

Payments for items can be made thru paypal to mallardlanefarms@gmail.com  We also accept POSTAL moneys orders mailed to 19 Mallard Lane Lexington Tn 38351. We do not except personal checks, western union, or any other checks or money orders other than those purchased at the post office.

Payment thru paypal is expected within 24 hrs after buyers states they want the item. Payment with money order thru the mail is expected within 5 days.  If payment is not received within the amount of time outlined above, the item may be sold to another interested party.

Orders are normally shipped out the first Monday after payment has been received,

Your tracking # will be e-mailed to you. Expressmail orders normally arrive either next day or second day. Priority mail orders normally arrive in 2-4 days.

We insure all package for the amount of the birds. However if you choose to waive signature it will void the insurance.

All sale of taxidermy birds are done thru email only even if you have already text,  sent a pm or otherwise contacted us you must email us directly @ mallardlanefarms@gmail.com to purchase or have birds held for you.

 All sales on taxidermy items are final.

Taxidermy Birds & Misc.  Pricelist

Items listed below are available for sale to taxidermist or other interested parties.
All birds listed below are fullwingwing , breeder aged birds (2 years old or older) unless otherwised noted. All birds died this winter late fall or early spring and have not been in the over a year.  Pictures and descriptions of most of these birds are posted below.
Please e-mail mallardlanefarms@gmail.com if you have additional questions.
Prices do not include shipping.

Available - means that no one has actually said they are buying the item and/or said they have sent payment

Pending - means that some one has said that they want these birds and/or payment is on the way.

Sold - means the birds have been paid for

Special Sale 5-22 thru 5-31

Receive $100.00 off any order of $500.00 or more !!!!!!!! That's $500.00 wroth of birds for only $400.00 !!!!!

($500 total is for birds only and does not include shipping charges)

Sharpwing Wing Teal

in good shape no obvious flaws


Silver Fulvous

Silver Fulvous Tree Duck

in good shape no obvious flaws


Silver Wood duck drake      SOLD

Silver Wood Duck Male

in good shape no obvious flaws 


I also have a silver hen will 

throw her in for free if buyer 

wants her.

Mandarin Male         reduced to $70

Mandarin male

in good shape no obvious flaws


Cinnamon  Teal SOLD

Cinnamon  teal male

in good shape no obvious flaws

2 of these available

$85 each

Blonde Ring Teal reduced to $50


Blonde Ring Teal male

rare color

this is a 1 year old bird

has a few damaged wing feathers and very small spot on top of head

other wise in good shape


comes with a  free blonde ring female if customer wants her. she is wing clipped on one side

Marble Teal                      SOLD OUT


Marble Teal

in good shape no obvious flaws 


Greenwing Teal  SOLD

Greenwing Teal Male

in good shape no obvious flaws

2 of these available

$85.00 each

also available 1 female greenwing wing clipped on one side otherwise in good shape $25.00

Cape Teal Reduced to $70

Cape Teal

in good shape no obvious flaws




Blonde America Widgeon      SOLD

Blonde America Widgeon (rare)

in good shape no obvious flaws


Hooded merganser  SOLD

Hooded merganser Male

Damaged tail feathers and crest is


not completely full. Male comes with

 a free female if buyer wants her 

$50.00 for both

Bahama Pintail  SOLD

Gadwal Reduced to $55

Bahama Pintail

in good shape no obvious flaws


Male Gadwal

in good shape

on obvious flaws


Wandering Tree Duck reduced to $100

Wandering Tree duck

in good shape

no obvious flaws

this bird is rare in American collections


Apricot Wood Duck SOLD

Apricot Wood Duck male

in good shape

no obvious flaws


North America Ruddy Duck - SOLD

American Ruddy Duck Male

in good shape

no obvious flaws

very large and mature males

3 available

$175.00 each

Ring Teal

White Wood Duck Hen

Ring Teal

in good shape

no obvious flaws


also available 1 ring teal male wing clipped on one side otherwise in good shape


White wood duck hen

in good shape

on obvious flaws


Wood Duck Hen with 5 day old ducklings SOLD

Wood duck hen with 5 day old


all in good shape

no obvious flaws



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