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We would like to thank all of our customers that have purchased birds from us this past season. We wish you all great luck with your birds this spring, and look forward to doing business with you again in the fall.

Below is our new 2015 pricelist. These birds will be available this Summer/Fall. Shipping begins in October.

2015 Price List

All prices listed below are per pair unless otherwise stated.

Prices do not incude shipping charges. 

Shipping is available for all ducks October - March.

If you will need your birds shipped please read over our shipping policies before placing your order, this are found on our "shipping info" page.

***** Means that at this time we are unsure if we have these birds available. These birds may become available at a later date. 

All prices and availability are subject to change.

Please note birds are not held for you until you have committed to purchasing them and have stated that payment is on the way. Birds will then be held for 5 days only awaiting payment.

Latest update:   4-2-15


To place an order please visit our "place an order page", or you may click on the name of the bird you are interested in to be directed to that page in our web store.



Wood Ducks


Regular  115.00*********
Split/White Drake with white hen  $225.00**********
Split/White Drake with regular hen $150.00




Split silver drake with silver hen $275.00********
Split to Platinum $200.00********
Apricot $125.00 *******







Regular $125.00********
White $200.00********
Split/White Drake with Regular hen $150.00********
Split/White Drake with white hen $175.00*********
White Throated $150.00*********








 Greenwing $125.00*********
 Bluewing $125.00*********
 Cinnamon $100.00*********
 Ring Teal $100.00


 Blonde Ring teal  $125.00*********
 Silver ring teal $300.00



Cheastnut Breasted $125.00********
Cape  $125.00********
Hottentot $250.00 ********
Falcated  $425.00********



 Bazilian $250.00********
 Silver $225.00********
 Baikal $450.00********
 Sharpwing $125.00********
 Marble $75.00********






 Northern Pintail $125.00********
 Blue Northern Pintail $300.00********
 Bahama Pintail $100.00*********
 Silver Bahama Pintail $125.00*********
 Split/silver male with silver hen $115.00*********
 Split/Silver Bahama $110.00*********




 Hooded Merganser $200.00********
 Smew $500.00********
 North American Ruddy Duck $200.00********





Tree Ducks


 White Faced $150.00********
 Cuban $100.00*********
 Eyton $125.00*********
 Javan $300.00*********
 Fulvous $75.00*********
Silver Fulvous $125.00*********
Split/ Silver Fulvous $85.00*********
 Silver Fulvous hen with regular drake  $95.00*********
Black Belly 100.00*********
Wandering $125.00********




American $125.00********
European $125.00********
Chiloe $100.00********







Other Ducks



Maned Geese $250.00*******
 Gadwall $100.00*******
 Rosy Billed Pouchard $100.00********
 Red Creasted Pouchard $85.00********
 Red Head $125.00********
 Silver Red Head $250.00********
 Split Silver Red Head $125.00********
 Mallard $65.00********




 Mute Swan $1000.00********
 Black Swans $1000.00


 Mute Swans (breeders) $1500.00********
 Black Swans (breeders) $1500.00*******



Call Ducks


 Gray $65.00********
 White $65.00********
 Snowy $65.00********
 Pastel $65.00********
 Butterscotch $65.00********
 Black $65.00********
 Silver $65.00********
 Chocolate $65.00*********
 Blue Fawn $65.00SOLD OUT
 Pied$65.00SOLD OUT
 Black East Indies$65.00SOLD OUT

 Pick your call ducks up at Riply, MS First Monday Trade Days and save. Calls sold there are discounted 10% to 30%. Prices are as marked on that sale day.


 Red Golden $125.00*******
 Lady Amherst $125.00*******
 Red Golden (breeders) $200.00*******
 Lady Amherst (breeders $250.00*******




 Indian Blue$200.00*******
 Indian Blue  (breeders)$350.00*******






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