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Call Ducks

      The Call Duck was first bred in Holland in the 1600's, originally they were used as live decoy ducks. Their small size, about 2 lbs, made them easy to carry, and their loud voice was useful for calling down wild ducks.

      In modern times, Calls are by far the most popular exhibition duck and are often the largest entry at any show. Today as they are standardized in the US, Calls should feature short deep bodies, heads which are high crowned and wide in the skull, and a bill which is short and wide.

     Calls are bred in a number of colors, with more being introduced all the time. Probably the two most popular, and well established colors, are the White Call and the mallard colored Grey Call.

     Call ducks make excellent pets, they are hardy and easy to care for. One characteristic of the Call may need to be taken into consideration if noise is an issue, this being the hens loud quack or call.  Although, they have not been bred for their calling ability for many generations, the hens retain a tendency to be noisy when excited.

     Unlike most wild waterfowl, a Call drake may accept several hens, so it is possible to keep these birds in trios or quads. Calls are first year fertile, and have a long breeding season. Most of my Calls lay large clutches consisting of 6-12 eggs. Some of the more showy types are less proficient, laying only a few eggs in a season. I believe this to be due to the large amounts of inbreeding that goes into producing the perfect Call duck. Most Call hens make excellent mothers and will hatch and rear their own young. Calls are often used as surrogates for the eggs of more expensive ducks. The ducklings are also useful as teacher ducklings, when put in with the ducklings of a more challenging species, such as wood ducks, the Calls will teach the young to eat.

Pricing & Availability

Here at Mallard Lane Farms, adult Call ducks are commonly available June-Dec.

While we do raise some nice calls, we do not show them, and are not advertising them as "show quality" birds.

Prices start at $65. per pair plus shipping.  

 We raise the following colors:

  • Grey Call
  • Pastel Call
  • Snowy Call
  • Silver Call
  • Blue Fawn Call
  • Butterscotch Call
  • White Call
  • Magpie Call
  • Black Call
  • Black East Indies


Pick your call ducks up at Ripley, MS First Monday Trade Days and save. Calls sold there are discounted 10% to 30%.  Prices are as marked on that sale day.

White Call



Grey Call
Snowy Call

Pastel Call

Silver Call

Blue Fawn Call

Magpie Calls

Black Call

Butterscotch call

Buff Calls

Black East Indies


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